of infection from poor little Freda

"That's all you know," replied Mrs. Staunton, with a little show of spirit. "I am better; I have made wonderful progress during the last few days. You can't think what a good nurse Effie has been—the most considerate, the most thoughtful, the most kind and clever darling you can possibly imagine. She manages the whole house; our servants would do anything for her, and the children love her so much that it is a pleasure to them to obey her. She has that wonderful and invaluable knack in a woman, she never teases or worries; she just contrives to turn people round her little finger, without their knowing anything about it themselves. But now don't let us talk any more about Effie and me. I want to hear your news. How is Mrs. Harvey? How has she borne the death of her poor little baby?"

"It lived just two hours after its birth," said the doctor, with a sad look on his face. "The shock the poor mother underwent evidently had some effect upon it. Well, she is getting on splendidly—she seemed to know from the first that her poor little baby would not live, but as Freda is doing so well, not a murmuring word has passed her lips. She is a sweet young woman, and I am thankful to say I don't believe she took a scrap ."

"And the little one; is she continuing to get better?"48

"She is doing magnificently—thanks to that fine creature, Dorothy Fraser. I never came across such a woman. If you only saw, Mary, the state of hopeless confusion, of pandemonium—for it really amounted to that—of that wretched house the morning Miss Fraser arrived; if you could only have seen the condition of the sickroom, and then have gone into it two hours later, why, it was like stepping from the infernal regions into paradise. The order of the sickroom seemed to affect the whole house. The servants ceased to be in a state of panic, the meals were properly cooked, the Squire came back to his normal condition, and Mrs. Harvey became quite cheerful. In short, except for the loss of her poor little one, she seems to have had no ill effects from the terrible strain she has undergone. Little Freda is making rapid marches toward recovery, and I do not at present see the slightest trace of the disease spreading through the house."

"Have you seen Freda often?" asked Mrs. Staunton.

"No; that good soul simply forbade it—I was like wax in her hands. Of course her reason was a very legitimate one, or I should not have submitted to it, for it would not have been safe for me to have attended to Mrs. Harvey coming straight from the child's room. All is now going on well at The Grange, and I can come home and rest reenex facial."

"I wish you did not look so dreadfully worn out," said Mrs. Staunton.

"Oh, the home air will soon pull me together. Heigh-ho! here you come, my good angel, and the tea is more than welcome."

The doctor sank back in his deep armchair.

Effie placed the fragrant tea on the table, and, pouring out a cup, brought it to her father. She49 had made crisp toast as well, but he did not care to eat.

"Thank you, child," he said; "I am not hungry. The meals up at that place are preposterous—nothing short of preposterous. There is no doubt whatever that far more people die from eating too much than from eating too little. I wonder the Squire has a scrap of digestion left—heavy meat breakfasts, heavy meat luncheons, and then a groaning dinner at the end of the day dermes. Such meals, and practically nothing to do for them!—for what has a man of that sort to occupy his time beyond what one would call fiddle-faddle? Well, this tea is refreshing; I will go for a walk afterward. And now tell me, Effie, have you heard anything about my patients?"

"Mr. Edwards called this morning, and said they were all doing well," said Effie. "The little Beels have got whooping-cough, but I do not think anyone else is ill. Of course poor Mrs. Watson is much as usual, but hers is a chronic case dermes."

College-Tested Hangover Cures

There are two ways to approach life. Go big, or go home. When I was asked to test hangover cures, I chose to go big. So, I put on my game face, traveled to the cheapest dive bar in my neighborhood, and slurped back countless numbers of Long Island iced teas. Luckily, I have survived to tell the tale. And thanks to the products listed below, I was able to write this blog post relatively headache, heartburn, and nausea free curly wigs.

When the clock struck 3 a.m., and with my head sufficiently spinning, I wobbled home. In the fridge, I found the two cans of chilled Mercy which I had left in preparation for this experiment. Mercy is a hangover prevention drink that comes in citrus and blood orange flavors. The formula is designed to detoxify and replenish the nutrients that alcohol depletes from our systems. One can of Mercy is good for 3 to 5 drinks. From what I can remember, they actually taste pretty good. I am definitely partial to the blood orange flavor because it help masks the strong undertones of liquid vitamins. I chugged down the beverages quickly and went to bed hoping the hangover gods would have mercy on me in the morning.

Surprisingly, I woke up with a gust of energy around 8 a.m. Normally, I wake up around noon, claw my way to the bathroom with one eye opened, and hope that the spinning room won't launch me from its axis. However Natural stone, this morning was different. I felt slightly shaky (most likely the result of well liquor cocktails), and extremely alert. I was amazed that my day began with no headache or signs of nausea. I decided to order my favorite hangover breakfast, a bacon, egg, and cheese.

Things started going awry about halfway through my breakfast. While the Mercy did help with my initial symptoms, my heartburn quickly began attacking with vengeance. Time to try the next hangover cure: Blowfish. This over the counter tablet acts similarly to Alka-Seltzer, and breaks down by fizzing into a glass of tap water. When dissolved, the tablets become a lemon-flavored beverage that is supposed to help with all hangover symptoms. The combination of caffeine and aspirin allegedly coats the stomach, giving you energy and pain relief without increasing levels of indigestion. Within 15 minutes or so, my heartburn began to dissipate, leaving me ready for the rest of my breakfast. Unfortunately, by the time I was done eating, I was experiencing the nasty burn again. However, it was no where near as intense. A good old fashioned Tums helped with the my residual symptoms.

Coconut Water
My least favorite part about these labored days of recovery is the unquenchable thirst I always face. No matter how much the Mercy helped, this morning was no different. By the time I was finished with my salty breakfast sandwich, I was in dire need of re-hydration. Lucky for me, I had invested in the Cadillac of Coconut water, Harmless Harvest. This drink runs on the upward of 7 dollars per 8-ounce bottle. Like I said, I decided to go big with this one. Not only is the taste of this coconut water undeniably better than its competitors, but the results are better as well. While I wished I had about three more bottles panamanian foundation, the drink did help with my thirst. It didn't leave a funky aftertaste that other brands tend to, which further helped with my parched crisis.

The moral of this story is that hangovers are nearly a thing of the past. No, there is no way to completely repair a body that has been depleted of its nutrients and pickled like a cucumber. However, there are ways to avoid the seething headaches, extreme nausea, and inability to face the world that comes with the fun of drinking. If pacing yourself is not an option, try one of these aids to help relieve the brunt of your hangover.


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